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Author is on team Instinct

I-DanOJB(40) Daniel Baniszewski

Dan is an avid Pokémon trainer and loves cats 🐈

Bring your best team for countering Latios

Latios and Latias Counters infographic courtesy of Pokebattler
Counter Infographic

Visit Poke Battler to educate yourself on the best counters for the curent Legendary Pokemon Latios. Here are a my top counters:

  • Rayquaza (dragon tail and outrage)
  • Salamence (dragon tail and outrage)
  • Dragonite (dragon tail and outrage)
  • Latios (dragon tail and outrage)
  • Mewtwo (psycho cut and shadow ball)
  • Tyranitar (bite crunch)

Author is on team Instinct

I-DanOJB(40) Daniel Baniszewski

Dan is an avid Pokémon trainer and loves cats 🐈

Where should I spend stardust?

Stardust is a precious and limited resource, so you’ll want to make sure to spend it on the right pokémon. Two important factors you’ll want to consider will be which pokés are best for their type and how future proof they are. You won’t want to spend a ton of stardust maxing out a pokémon if a future legendary or generation will have it outclassed (Vaporeon anyone?).

Game press has a great article on these topics and it’s well worth reading if you want to plan out your stardust strategy.

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What is WSU Raids?

We are a group of people who play Pokémon GO (trainers) on Weber State University's Ogden Campus. Our group is used to organize in-person raids at the gyms which are on (or very near) campus. We are also a friendly and social group consisting of students, staff, faculty, campus housing residents and members of the neighborhood.

Unlike other groups we are focused on raids in a relatively small area (campus). This allows the group to very quickly organize raids often with fairly short notice. We are a punctual group - raids often start promptly at the planned time, as students/staff/faculty we usually have classes or work to get to and can't wait around for late arrivals. Many of us also belong to larger area groups too.

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WSU Raids Chat

We use a Facebook chat group to organize raids, socialize etc. You can access the chat on the facebook website, at or by using the Facebook Messenger app on your iOS or Android device.

You can chat using your Facebook account - or if you don't have a facebook account (or just don't want to use it for raiding) you can sign-up using just your phone number in the app.

Once you have facebook chat you can be added by anyone who is already in the chat or you can join directly using this link:

Please use common sense in the chat, bothersome members may be kicked. Below are a few basic rules.

  • Be respectful to others.
  • WSU Raids is for organizing in-person raiding on-campus. Spoofers and people organizing raids with spoofers will be kicked.
  • Don't spam the group.
  • Please don't post screenshots of gyms to advertise a raid.
  • Feel free to mute the chat if the frequency of posts is annoying. People can use @Mentions to get your attention if needed.
  • Try to limit raid advertising to raids which are on campus, at least during business hours. Do feel free to plan group outings - like a Saturday meetup on 25th, something for a community day etc.
  • Don't change the group's name, color, emoji or image - this effects everyone not just you.
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Nickname Builder

If you'd like you can pick a nickname in the chat which includes your team, trainer name and/or real name and trainer level. Use the form below to build your nickname.

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Below are a maps of the gyms on campus.

Graphical Map

This jpeg map contains campus gyms and both their in-game names and the nickname used in chat. Tap or click to open in a new window or download a copy.

Google Map

This interactive google map contains the campus gyms and supports zooming, directions etc.

You can also view Weber's non-poké-related maps.

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Check back often as we will add to this list over time!

How can I invite others?
You can add them to the chat directly (look for the 'add people' link). You can also direct them to this website using the URL which is or sharing a QR code which is:
QR code which links to this page
What the heck is the bomb all about? 💣
In the chat our emoji is the bomb 💣. We use it to indicate interest. For example someone may say "Bomb if you can raid at Lind Lecture hall at 3:15" Then count the number of bombs that get posted - think of it as raising your hand, it's quick and makes counting easy. Because we use the bomb emoji in this fashion please don't use it randomly as it may cause confusion.
Where can I park on campus?
Sadly there is no simple answer since date and time effect which parking lots are free and Weber's parking enforcement is pretty feisty. During school hours parking on Harrison and walking onto campus is budget friendly, but the pay lot (PPL on the Map) located East of the pond and South of the Student Services / Student Union building might be worth the cost too. Further information can be found on Weber's Parking Services web page.
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Contact us by posting to the Facebook chat or message an admin directly.

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